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Anti Slip Solutions for Resurfaced Roads

Every day in this country millions of cars take to the roads making use, sometimes subconsciously, of the numerous road markings and surfaces that adorn the UK’s highways. Since 1987, here at Gilvar Linings we have specialised in delivering high quality and effective road markings and surfaces to business’ and local authorities, and our anti-skid coating is used on resurfaced roads from Cornwall to Aberdeenshire.

Skid resistant surfaces are used in areas that have a propensity for skidding, and there are two different processes used to create them.

Hot Applied Skid Resistant Surfacing

Utilising a thermoplastic resin, the hot applied surfacing is a high friction material that comes ready blended in polythene bags. It is heated in a thermostatically controlled “pot”, however it is important that the material is not overheated to avoid hardening the thermoplastic.

To lay it, the material is poured into a rectangular, open-bottomed “shoe”, before being screed across the road surface. It is essential that the mixture isn’t laid too thick as you will lose the coarse aggregate (calcined bauxite), thus impairing the skid resistance.

Cold Applied Skid Resistant Surfacing

Unlike with hot applied surfacing, this resin and coarse aggregate must be mixed together first, and you may be surprised to learn a dustbin is one of the most convenient containers for doing so – a paddle mixer or industrial drill will provide the mixing.

As soon as the resin is mixed you will need to apply it to the road’s surface, as you will only have a certain amount of time before the initial set will begin. Once this has been spread you will need to apply the high PSV aggregate by hand – slightly more than what you will need – to provide shoulder to shoulder coverage. Once the resin has set, the excess will then be swept off, though it will need to be left for at least three hours to set completely.

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