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Don’t Let Wear and Tear Spoil Your Fun

Long gone is the summer sunshine, the paddling pools and the smell of freshly mown grass. Winter is truly upon us with its biting chill and frosty persona. But why should the fun stop there?

If you’re a leisure centre or a school, here at Gilvar Linings, we can solve your marking problems with our vast experience and knowledge in the field of professional road and surface marking. Is your basketball court looking worn? Does your hop lack its ‘scotch’? Is your car park more a ‘car lot’? Then contact Gilvar Linings to get a professional and experienced service that is able to conquer any related problem.

Leisure time. Play time. Free time. Whatever you call it, you shouldn’t let the weather outside stop the amount of activities you do this festive season.

Whilst most people may associate our line of work with road markings, our line of work takes us to playgrounds, transforming plain tarmac into wacky and educational play areas, to sports fields and sports halls, outlining those all-important field of play. Operating in the Burton-upon-Trent area, we offer a range of commercial and domestic services to a high level of quality, reliability, eco-efficiency and safety.

Maximise your sports halls true potential offering a range of sports with colour coded markings. Confusion will be a thing of the past as competitors will no longer argue whether it was in or out!

Remember as a kid the mind-numbing indoor play times playing board games and being told to ‘walk not run’. Well, your school doesn’t have to follow the conventions as you bring the outdoor break times inside.

With, our specialist range of paints, our marking is not just confined to the tarmac as we transform your indoor faculties into a child’s haven. We are able to cater to any specification, colours and budgets and relish any idea’s the children themselves may have, all aimed at engaging and educated them whilst allowing them to let off steam enjoyably and safely.

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